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Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

There is no one recipe for cold brew coffee.  Every coffee is different and every coffee lover has different tastes.  

The search for the perfect cup of coffee has to start somewhere though.  Therefore below is the gold standard cold brew coffee recipe.  This does not mean it is the best or will be your favorite cold brew coffee recipe.  It is a starting point that will make a good cup of coffee and from there you can tweak and adjust to suit your individual tastes.

The Standard Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

To make a good batch of cold brew coffee, in the container of your choice, or a Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System, use the following ratios:

12 ounces of coarse grind coffee and 7 cups of filtered water


16 ounces of coarse ground coffee and 9 cups of filtered water.

Mix the coffee and water together and let sit, at room temperature for at least 12 hours.

At the end of the steeping time, filter the cold brew coffee concentrate through a filter to remove the grinds.  Store the cold brew coffee concentrate in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

To make the cup of coffee add one part syrup to three parts filtered water.  

For example, 2 ounces of concentrate and six ounces of water for a 8 ounce cup of coffee.

You can use hot water or heat the resulting mix in the microwave.

The cold brew coffee recipe above is a great starting point on your journey.  From there you can tweak many variables to change the taste of the coffee.  Below are some of the variables you can experiment with:

To Make A Single Serving Of Cold Brew Coffee

Why would you want to spend 12 - 18 hours making a single cup of coffee?  For experimentation purposes of course!

Rather than use an entire pound of coffee to make a concentrate, and then find out you added too much water or not enough coffee, or you want a stronger bean or a darker roast, you can make a single serving and then just multiply the ratio of ingredients to replicate the result on a larger scale.

A starting point for a single, 12 ounce cup of coffee is 3 ounces of coffee grinds and 1 1/2 cups of water, mixed and steeped for at least 12 hours.  

Take the resulting concentrate (about a cup) and add it to two cups of hot water.

From here, you can increase the amounts once you have found that perfect bean or grind.

Use this Cold Brew Coffee Recipe As A Guide

1) The amount of coffee grinds or water.  

The more coffee grinds or the less water you use will effect the taste of the resulting cold brew coffee concentrate.  More water will result in a weaker concentrate and vice versa more grinds will result in a stronger concentrate

2) The length of time you allow the grinds to steep in the water.

The longer the grinds steep, the stronger the resulting concentrate.

3) The type of coffee you use.

This should seem obvious, but the bolder the coffee the bolder the resulting cold brew coffee concentrate will be.

4) The amount of concentrate you add to water. **

One of the easiest ways to change the flavor and strength of you coffee is to alter the amount of cold brew coffee concentrate you add to water to make your cup of coffee.  If you like as stronger cup, try a one to two ratio of concentrate to water.

**The more you use the concentrate to make your coffee stronger, the faster the concentrate will be used.  In the long run it is best to perfect the brewing method so that you use less concentrate to get the cup of coffee you are looking for.